Program Structure
Dare To Be A Healthy Christian Sunday School Series - A 3 week series designed for Sunday School classes. Each week the class will watch several short presentations then discuss issues involving Christian Health.

The presentations can be shown as Flash files online (Recommended).
We encourage the class to watch each presentation then use the discussion topics to start a dialogue about Christian health.

Week 1
Introduction - 4 minutes.
Question 1 - Are we healthy? - 13 minutes.

Week 2
Question 2 - How can we become healthy? - 3 minutes
Question 3 - What are the benefits of good health? - 2 minutes
Question 4 - Why is it important to be healthy? - 7 minutes

Week 3
Question 5 - Why the Church? - 12 minutes

Or, you can request a Sunday School Series DVD. Just contact us by Email to have a DVD mailed to you.
Request a Sunday School Series DVD

Sunday School Teacher's Guide - The class teacher should download the full Teacher's Guide and read it as backgound information on Christian Health basics. The class members should be given the Student Guide which will be used each week for notetaking and guidance with each lesson.

     Sunday School Teacher's Guide
     Sunday School Student Guide

Weekly Independent Study Tools
At the end of each week there will be independent study tools for class members to explore. Below are the links for each week.

     Week 1 - Read the Dare To Be A Healthy Christian workbook Introduction.
     Week 2 - Study the Spiritual Principles of Change.
     Week 3 - Start the Dare To Be A Healthy Christian 4 week workbook.

For Questions see the About Us section for Email or phone information.

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