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Physical Health
The 4 Principles of Healthy Living
In order for individuals, families, the church community, and the nation to improve overall health we must get back to the basics of good health. Multiple medical studies have shown conclusively that by taking on these four simple health habits you can have a reduction in overall mortality, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, congestive heart failure, and cancer. This means that without taking any pills, vitamins, tonics, etc. – without spending a single penny – you can live a longer, healthier, more production life in service to Christ.


     Find out more about The 4 Principles Of Healthy Living.

Secrets of Christian Health
The basics of physical, mental, and spiritual health that teaches you how to realize the health advantages available to Christians. Download sample chapters from the "Secrets of Christian Health" book below.

     A Better Way To Live
     The Secret Of Personal Power
     Prayer - The World's Most Powerful Alternative Medicine
     Stress Control Through The Holy Spirit
     Cracking The Secrets Of Gaining And Losing Weight
     The Redeeming Power Of Exercise
     Your Purpose In Life And Your Health

Resurrection Kitchen
When we sit at the table of grace and break bread with our fellow men and women, we as Christians must do it in light of the Resurrection of Jesus. Resurrection Kitchen is a simple way for you and your family to connect with each other while making healthy eating choices. Come together as a family one night a week and prepare a fun and healthy meal that can be eaten for several nights.

     Find out more about Resurrection Kitchen and download weekly meal plans.

Spiritual Health
Getting Back to Spiritual Basics
Spiritual Principles that we believe all Christians should focus on in their daily lives.


Spiritual Principles of Change
Biblically based Spiritual Principles which individuals must have in order to cause any substantial change in their lives.


Sermons of Hope
Devotionals from Reverend Phil Morrow's more than 45 years of active ministry designed to instill the basic principles of Christianity.

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Weight Loss
BMI Chart
Find out what your Body Mass Index (BMI) is to help you better understand how to improve your health.


Smart Moves
Common sense health tips to improve your health and the health of your family.

     Read all the Smart Moves or download a printable handout.

Not By Bread Alone Weight Loss
A Christian based, doctor designed 14 week weight loss plan for overweight Christians wanting a closer relationship with God and improved health.

     Learn more about NBBA and download the book

A structured, therapeutic diet that will help you retrain your tastes and your routines and begin taking the pounds off.

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HealthNotes - The Book of Hope and Healing
Book of Hope and Healing
A comprehensive guide covering common health problems from aging to stroke. These Hope and Healing Healthnotes are for you to use as a reference for your own information or for you to use as a point of discussion with the doctor or for you to make a copy for someone you care for. Each Healthnote emphasizes taking care of yourself, taking responsibility for yourself, and caring for one another.

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