The 4 Principles Of Healthy Living Handout - Download this doctor designed and recommended handout - the same handout given to our clinic patients. It summarizes each of the 4 Principles and shows you how to start practicing them in your daily life.

Dare To Be A Healthy Christian Healthguide - Download the healthguide we promote in churches. It reviews the current health crisis in our nation and in the Christian church and proposes The 4 Principles Of Healthy Living as a solution. The month long healthguide includes daily devotional readings featuring all of the New Testament scripture verses which reference the Holy Spirit.

The 4 Principles Of Healthy Living Presentation - A 12 minute narrated presentation showing the evidence behind The 4 Principles and emphasizing practical ways to implement them in your daily life.

The 4 Principles Of Healthy Living Poster - Print this poster (preferably with a color printer) and display it in your church and home to show your commitment to healhy living.


The Benefits of the 4 Principles of Healthy Living:
Results from Medical Studies


Details about each Principle Of Healthy Living:

1. Do Not Smoke.

2. Maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) < 30.

3. Exercise 150 minutes/week.

4. Eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables daily.

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