Do Not Smoke

Smoking causes more damage to human health than any other habit. This fact has been well studied and is well publicized. There is simply no room for arguing otherwise. Nearly half of all Americans who ever smoked have been convicted to give up the habit. About 1.3 million American smokers become ex-smokers each year. But, each day about 3,000 young people take up the habit.

Most people who smoke want to quit. But, the habit is strong enough that nine out of ten of those still smoking have tried once to quit and failed. On the other hand, about 43 million people have succeeded — a sure sign that you can choose not to smoke.

The most important thing is that you try to quit! If you never try, you will never succeed!

Make up your mind to quit,

talk with your doctor to formulate a plan,

and set a date.


Go to the Online Resources HealthNotes section to read the full healthnote on Smoking.

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