Get To And Maintain A BMI < 30

What is Your Body Mass Index?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index, a measure of "body fatness" that looks at a person's weight in relation to their height. For example, a person 5 feet tall who weighs 200 pounds will have more body fat than a person 6 feet tall who weighs the same weight; therefore, the 5 foot person will have a greater BMI indicating more body fat.

How does your BMI measure up:
< 25 - a healthy weight
Between 25-29 is Overweight
30 or greater is Obese
40 or greater is Extreme Obesity

Getting to and maintaining a BMI<30 gets you out of the obese category. No longer being obese will dramatically reduce you and your family’s risk of a multitude of health problems. It is not easy, but, it is possible. If you are extremely obese it may take years, but, each step you take will lead to dramatic rewards. With just 20 pounds of weight loss most people feel better, have less fatigue and joint pain, and feel more energetic. If you have health problems like diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol you might do away with your need for some medications. And most of all, while you change you lifestyle to attain this goal you will set a good example for all those around you, especially your children. Here are two proven steps to help you start losing weight.

• Portion Control – Eating your meals on a smaller plate and limiting the amount of calories you eat at each meal has been shown to lead to weight loss. The average plate is 10 inches in diameter. A 10 inch plate piled high with food can add up to 1500 calories (even more if you go back for seconds). The typical man needs 2000 calories per day total. Try using a smaller plate (8 inch paper plate or 7 inch saucer) at each meal and NEVER go back for second helpings.

• Pedometer - individuals who wear a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps each day increase their physical activity, lose weight, and decrease their blood pressures.

Go to the Online Resources HealthNotes section to read the full healthnote on Obesity - The Overweight State.

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