Eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables daily
A serving size is:
• One medium-size fruit
• 1/2 cup raw, cooked, frozen or canned fruits (in 100% juice) or vegetables
• 3/4 cup (6 oz.) 100% fruit or vegetable juice
• 1 cup raw, leafy vegetables
• 1/4 cup dried fruit

While this sounds easy enough actually getting this much fruits and vegetables takes some work and planning. You will need to experiment with different types of fruits and vegetables to find ones you and your family can eat every day. Some simple tips include:
- Add fruit to your cereal each morning.
- Eat a salad each day for lunch. The typical bowl of salad counts for 2 servings of vegetables.
- Have some fruits and vegetables at every meal. Use canned or frozen products if needed.
- Eat fruits and vegetables for snacks – especially for the kids.
- Replace the side of fries or chips with a cup of fruit, an apple, or a bowl of celery.

What are the benefits?
Reduces heart disease and stroke.
Possible reduction in cancer risk.
Protects against the development of diabetes.
Filling up on fat free fruits and vegetable decreases the amount of high fat foods you will eat, aiding in weight loss.

Go to the Online Resources HealthNotes section to read the full healthnote on Healthy Eating.

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